Awards of the Scientific Conference of Doctoral Schools UDJG 

Awards for the conference sections (S.1 – S.16):

  • First prize
  • Second prize
  • Third prize
  • Honourable mention

Special awards of the General Association of Romanian Engineers

The General Association of Romanian Engineers Galati Branch (AGIR-GL) rewards excellence in engineering by awarding, at each section of the conference in the field of engineering (S.1 – S.7), a diploma of excellence to doctoral students whose work stands out for its originality, ability to support progress in various fields of activity and the ability to contribute to the sustainable development of socio-economic activities.

Supplementary, two special prizes, "Professor G.M. Costin" and "Professor Constantin Moraru", each valuing $100, will be awarded through AGIR-GL, in section S.3. Progress in Food Science and Bio-resources Engineering.

These special awards honor two outstanding academic personalities of the Galaţi Higher School of Food Industry. The two awards were established by two distinguished alumni of the Faculty of Food Science and Engineering, Eng. Ph.D. Carmen Moraru, professor and Chair of the Department of Food Science at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA, and Eng. Ph.D. Cătălin Moraru, Technical Director at The National Food Lab, Inc., Ithaca, NY, USA.