12th Edition of SCDS-UDJG, 6th and 7th of June 2024
Perspectives and challenges in doctoral research!
Section 1. Advanced Research in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Section 2.  Advanced Investigation Methods in Environment and Biohealth
Section 3. Progress in Food Science and Bio-resources Engineering  
Section 4. Advances in Engineering and Management in Agriculture and Rural Development
Section 5. Advanced research in electrical / electronic engineering, system engineering and information technologies
Section 6.  Future of Eco-nanotechnologies, Functional Materials and Coatings
Section 7. Chemistry - Electrochemistry in Life Sciences
Section 8. Recent Theories in Medical Research
Section 9. Recent Practices in Medical Research
Section 10.    Advanced Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences
Section 11. Economic Models and Strategies of Competitiveness
Section 12. Contemporary Critical Approaches on Romanian Literature
Section 13. Cultural Spaces: Retrospective and Prospective Views
S.13.1 English Literature, Linguistics and Translation Studies
S.13.2 French Language and Literature
Section 14. History, society, economy and spirituality in the Romanian territory
Section 15. Advanced research in human motricity and kinetotherapy
Section 16.  Advanced research in the field of legal sciences